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10 countries that if they were action characters





10 countries that if they were action characters;
They would look like this Russia is beautiful but cold.
The Russian artist Anastasia Bulgakova drew these incredible
action characters representing different countries.
Comic characters


Iran is a magician. It is sad and not talkative, because talking is cheap, unlike gold and power.
Dressed in Arab style clothes with gold armor elements. Use the golden mask
to hide and intimidate your opponents. He has a magic lamp with a djinni,
which will fulfill the wishes of the magician. Definitely, it's the Lord of the Sands.
The djinn consists of blue flames that resemble liquid. It is sensitive and uses
elements of ancient armor, which are mostly broken until now.
An aristocrat and a vampire. Blood and wine are totally his style. He hates revolutions,
uprisings, equality and the "power of the people." He prefers the antiquated form,
and there will be no "freedom and equality" under his rule until people grow up enough
to deserve it. First, they must understand how low they have fallen and how destructive
it would be to grant them some power in their current state.
Japan is a silent guy, with a suspicious smile.
He likes technologies and perversions.
No one truly knows their true motives and desires.
Even though he likes technology he has a real body,
 and high-tech armor is a mere increase in his abilities and abilities.
Use a spear and a tail (or tentacle?) To keep your opponents at a distance. For a long range, use explosive spheres.
Estados unidos
Unite State A little naive and idealistic,
but quite vicious inside. Very attractive and charismatic,
easily puts others on their side. Its main objective is to survive and do it with maximum comfort. Wear a leather armor, as he prefers long-range battles with his two sniper rifles. The cybernetic arms and legs give it extreme speed in combat. It smells like victory.
England is warm, proud, jealous and impulsive.
Remember how good she was and the glorious victories she had,
but that does not make her blind or stupid. He has a bull-drinking tobacco drinker named Churchill, a true friend, loyal. His hairstyle is wild and red, since he is a punk. England prefers hand-to-hand combat with fists, so it uses brass knuckles. Your hands can emit hot and cold energy, but they never mix.
Russia, Pretty, cold, simple and diplomatic skills of a sewer.
Always wear glamorous armor; He is always at war. She can shoot a little,
but where's the fun in that? The word pizdec is engraved on the sword,
which symbolizes Russian life at any time and period.
There is a bear with AK-47, of course, but it is protecting the nuclear reactor.
Israel is a child soldier, in her current incarnation. Build, investigate and eat,
are your favorite time. It is sensitive and impulsive, when it comes to its relations with other countries. Israel wields a large pulse rifle and
commands an army of UAVs, UGVs and drones.
Because he is too small to win directly, he uses his brain to outsmart his
opponents and always has the technological advantage.
If possible, fight from a distance with your automated army and prefer defensive combat.
Mexico Coatlicue ", the mother serpent, the beginning and the end,
a goddess of Aztec mythology. Thin and tall,
she likes to wear classic men's clothes, like any high-class crime lord. He likes to be elegant, not to dirty his hands and his clothes in unpleasant jobs, that's what subordinates are for,
but if he has to do it then it will be bloody, showy and painful.
She is also an expert in poison, both to heal and to kill. 
 The snake is real and poisonous.
Germany He is still a Teutonic knight with high technology.
Extremely. Germany is considered clean, tidy and modern,
so it uses a mechsuit, something like an Ironman suit,
but with more precision in German engineering.
And more elegant. Unlike previous eras,
he fights mostly long-term battles, to keep the suit clean. It has deployable wings and thrusters on its back,
as any suitable male should be.
Canada is a kind guy who prefers to be at home and not look for any problem. Just fight in a sport, hockey, and he's the king of ice. Sometimes a crown appears on his head and he dreams of future victories. You usually wear an athletic suit. Their weapons are a metal hockey stick and skates. Good Guy.
Israel, capital Israel -the Hebrew nation or people.
According to tradition, they are descended from the patriarch
Jacob (also named Israel), whose twelve sons became
founders of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel.
the northern kingdom of the Hebrews ( circa 930–721 bc ),
formed after the reign of Solomon, whose inhabitants were
carried away to captivity in Assyria.
a country in the Middle East, on the Mediterranean Sea;
population 7,233,700 (est. 2009); capital (not recognized
as such by the United Nations), Jerusalem;
languages, Hebrew (official), English, and Arabic







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